ACCA考试科目P2题型分享介绍 :

  Section A will consist of one scenario based question worth 50 marks. It will deal with the preparation of consolidated financial statements including group statements of cash flows and with issues in financial reporting. A written part normally covering a particular accounting treatment and ethical and social issues in financial reporting.

  Students will be required to answer two out of three questions in Section B, which will normally comprise two questions which will be scenario or case-study based and one essay question which may have some computational element. Section B could deal with any aspects of the syllabus. New accounting standards will feature prominently in this section on initial introduction.

  对于9月马上推出的ACCA F阶段全机考,我们也对题型做了解读:

  9月份ACCA 机考CBEs题型介绍

  (一)客观题(Objective test questions/ OT questions)客观题是指这些单一的,题干较短的,并且自动判分的题目。每道客观题的分值为2分,考生必须回答的完全正确才可以得分,即使回答正确一部分,也不能得到分数。

  (二)案例客观题 (OT case questions)


  (三) 主观题 (Constructed response questions/ CR qustions)考生将使用电子表格程序和文字处理程序去完成主观题的回答。就像笔试中的主观题一样,答案最终将由专家判分。