关于自己选择什么样的ACCA课程还有待自己选择和决定。首先要选择好的一个KAPLAN的课程的学校。主要有几点:第一点知名度要足够的好,第二师资力量雄厚听说它刚开办的时候SAA的好老师都跑过来啦,第三地理位置方便,它地处somesat starthub center,读part time相当方便,SAA需要红线转绿线。第四学习氛围好,它的学习氛围应该算是私立里面最好的之一,学习起来比较有动力。2012年ICPAS不会再帮学生办理网上注册ACCA业务,全部要自己网上交。去Kaplan的话,图书管理员会协助我们一起scan所有资料免费帮助我们完成网上ACCA账号的注册。Sorry. I can only type English by this computer. U need to find house all by urself. Since u have decided to go overseas, so pls prepare for the tough life. Anyway, far away from parents, u must learn do all the things all by urself. right? try to be indepent!! In average, every month about 850SGD if u stay alone in a common room or 1000 SGD a master room ( have independent bathroom, no need to share with others). About the meals, hahas,every month 400 SGD for me is enough( I am a female). U can choose to cook( But most of the andlord not allowed), or u can eat outside. NoSHITANG here But have Canteen. Hahas. Hope u have a splendid year!!